Ideal for toddlers from 12 months to 2½ years, with items to encourage language, motor skills and develop connections. There are two sizes of basket available:


  • Large 13" straight sided wicker basket at £75 - 35 items minimum* -Guidance leaflet included. A range of objects which reflect their developing motor skills and interests. They can manipulate more deftly and appreciate patterns; they can use tweezers and begin to recognise different smells or compare textures.
  • Small 11" straight sided wicker basket at £65 - 25 items minimum* - Guidance leaflet included - The basket is designed to encourage language development and the recognising of patterns, colours and simple shapes.

*Contents may vary depending on availability

Traditional Treasure Basket for Toddlers

  • Treasure baskets are based on firm educational research into early years play. 

  • As the items in a treasure basket have not been designed as toys, children should always be supervised during play