Ideal for babies from 8-18 months starting out on Treasure Baskets. Designed for babies from 8 months (approx) when they can sit securely and grasp objects. There are two sizes of baskets available:


  • Large 13" straight sided wicker basket at £75.00- 35 items minimum* -Guidance leaflet included -The biggest of our Baby basket range for the discerning baby! Big enough to accommodate more than one child playing at once with a fantastic range of discoveries to be made from the natural and everyday items.


  • Small 11" straight sided wicker basket at £65.00 - 25 items minimum* - Guidance leaflet included -    Our baskets are tried and tested collections, balanced to appeal to all senses (except taste) and provide children with opportunities to handle a wide range of materials and gain new experiences.

*Contents may vary depending on availability

Traditional Treasure Basket for Baby

  • Treasure baskets are based on firm educational research into early years play and supports EYFS.

  • As the items in a treasure basket have not been designed as toys, children should always be supervised during play.