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Take the sensory challenge! Test your senses with 5 pairs of balls that look the same but can only be matched by feel or shaking to check the contents hidden inside – gel, pellets, & different size balls.

Set of 10 identical looking balls

Filled with different contents to match up

Helps to encourage distinguishing weight and sound using language

Surface washable

Thera Feel & Find Balls - Set of10

  • A clever little set of balls designed to encourage children to distinguish the differences in sound and weight as well as to encourage language in describing the balls. They may all look the same but each of the five non-bounce balls has a match. The secret is revealed by carefully feeling what is on the inside. Fluff, gel, pellets, beads and balls fill the pairs. They can either be investigated in the slightly deflated way they arrive or they can be pumped up for an additional challenge to see if they can be sorted just by shaking! Ideal for partially sighted children as they provide a wonderful sensory challenge.