Known as ‘vegetable ivory’, it’s a beautiful, bright and natural substance. From the Amazon, the Tagua (or ‘ivory palm’) produces a nut which is harvested, left to dry for a couple of days, dyed with natural dyes, cut into pieces, shaped and polished. Every piece is a different shape and size (with some already shaped into crescents, circles and crosses). A tactile rainbow in a bag! They come in a variety of sizes as they are natural items – some being quite small – so please use your discretion when using with younger children. Many have been drilled with a tiny hole for jewellery making and could be used to make your own creations.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SMALLER CHILDREN due to the size being a potential choke hazard. Supervision of younger children is advised when playing with this item.

Box containing 250g of coloured tagua – miscellaneous shapes

Approx. 85 pieces

Tagua Pieces -mixed selection

  • Ideas:    Topics – shape and colour in nature. Use them as counters, money, for sorting into colours / shape and of course in ‘make & do’. Every fairy / gnome garden needs a splash of colour!