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Inflate this ball with a straw and decide if you want it softer or harder. Easy to grasp, bouncy, has a soft surface, deflates to fit in a bag for easy transportation and is perfect for indoor play. Good for practicing bouncing, it can also be used in PE, yoga or pilates.

Not advisable with very small children due to small parts

Easily inflated, deflated and stored

Ideal for indoor play

Choice of firmness depending on level of inflation

Squooshy 'Stability' Ball - 17cm

  • The wonderful thing about this ball is how easy it is to store, inflate and carry around. Keep it in your bag for unscheduled visits to the park or deflate and store in a drawer. Easily inflated using a straw and sealed using a plug (supplied), they are lightweight, large enough that smaller children find them easy to catch and bounce and their softness limits the chance of injury during play.