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Easy to grasp, squash, throw, catch and roll. Made from rubber, great for sensory games if a large bell is pushed into the middle.

Suitable for babies and small children

Made from moulded rubber

Easily grasped, thrown, caught, squashed and rolled

Always returns to original shape

Easily washable

Rubberflex Grabball - 10cm

  • Moulded from one piece of rubber, the aptly named ‘grabball’ is simple to pick up by small hands due to its open mesh design. Lightweight, low impact when thrown (as it ‘crumples’ and absorbs impact), they are great for both indoor and outdoor play. They crush when weight is put on them and then bounce back to their original shape. An additional twist for younger and / or visually impaired children can be the addition of a large bell pushed inside the mesh. This allows the ball to be heard as it rolls (N.B. please ensure the bell is large enough that it can’t fall out through the holes thus becoming a hazard). Washable.