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The reaction set has colour, shape, bounce and texture. Three balls are ‘knobbly’, ‘angular’ and the last is more of a rugby ball. 3 very different balls that can behave very differently when played with. Giving the chance to discuss many different aspects of their appearance and behaviour, they are very tactile and can be used with very young and special needs children.

Suitable from birth

Set of 3 brightly coloured, soft textured balls

For use with sensory, shape and texture work and motor skills

10cm diameter (approx)

Rubbabu Reaction Balls - Set of 3

  • Suitable from birth, non toxic, hand made from natural rubber and flocked with a soft covering. Great for sensory and young children. Set of 3 balls give you opportunity for a wide range of play and discussion as well as behaving very differently when played with.