A little cotton bag containing a three sets of 10 different sized pegs  and a 5 meter length of line. Can be used for pegging out socks, artwork, clothing, teddies and anything else that children decide! A simple and fun way to encourage fine motor skills in young children as well as encouraging pairing and matching games.

Cotton bag

5 meters of sisal cord

Selection of child size pegs

Peg & Line

  • Small children can improve their fine motor skills by using pegs and hanging out ‘washing’. The concentration and language that comes alongside this activity can be fantastic. Whether they are pegging out papers / drawings, socks, clothing, teddies (!) or anything else, each shape requires a different tactic to make sure it secures it to the line. Can the socks be matched into pairs? Is the washing ‘dry’ yet? With different size pegs, requiring different levels of dexterity, this is a lovely activity that can be packed away easily and of course used inside and outside during play. Also a fun addition to role play settings.