Use them on their own for catching and throwing or use with an OgoDisc or other bat, these supersoft little balls are the best for inside play. Their soft tentacles are extremely tactile and limit damage when coming into contact with people or objects. They come in two colours – blue/orange or yellow/orange. One will be supplied at random. These are not recommended for children under 3 as package may contain small parts. OgoSoft ball made from rubber Coloured tentacles (blue/orange or yellow/orange) – one supplied at random Approx 7cm diameter

OgoSoft Ball

    • “Ogo”sport stands for Oh-Go-Outside Sport. The co-founder, Rick Goodwin created the name while searching for a title to best represent the company he wanted to create: A company where children were not silenced with toys, but rather, encouraged in family play time through games that utilize brain power and physical play.


    • The OgoSoft ball gives children the opportunity to practice throwing and catching the ball, whether it’s used outside, inside or even at the beach. It is lightweight, can be incorporated in other games such as volleyball or tennis and is very soft and tactile. Best use is with the OgoDisc.