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One fantastic product with many uses and helps develop many skills in big and small children. Use it inside or outside with its little ‘pom pom’ style ball. Can be used as a hand trampoline, a frizbee, it floats in water, or to catch and bounce balls between the two discs. Amazing fun for both adults and children alike. ADDITIONAL OGOSOFT BALLS CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.

Not adivisable for under 3 years due to small ball included.

2 x 12 inch foam discs (one orange and one blue) with nylon-spandex ‘trampoline’ centre

1 x OgoSoft ball included (additional balls can be purchased separately) approx 7cm diameter

Ogo Disc - 12 inch

£15.99 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price
    • “Ogo”sport stands for Oh-Go-Outside Sport. The co-founder, Rick Goodwin created the name while searching for a title to best represent the company he wanted to create: A company where children were not silenced with toys, but rather, encouraged in family play time through games that utilize brain power and physical play.

      This hand trampoline gives children the opportunity to practice bouncing and catching the ball, whether it’s used outside, inside, at the beach, in a pool, the disc floats, it is lightweight, can be incorporated in other games such as volleyball or tennis.