The 3 rings of different colour nestle perfectly inside each other with one side being convex and the other side being concave – perfect for fitting in a small ball (like a ping-pong or a Mox!) or a marble. Its potential will be discovered by any little enquiring mind. Beautiful, bright coloured rings built to withstand many different types of play.

Or.....try the NELLO MAX - One set in red, one in yellow and one blue. Inter-change all 3 to make patterns. The 3 rings, 3 sizes, 3 colours (select 'product menu' at top right to choose the Nello Max).

Many uses from sand and water play to maths

Lightweight (and will float)

Largest ring 25cm diameter

Easy to clean

Nello Rings

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£6.50Sale Price
  • Use Nello to make patterns in sand, for transporting water/sand or even as a frizbee! Great for problem solving, co-ordination and motor skills. They are lightweight so it perfect for small people and they float on water and can be used in bathtime or water play. Without trying, this is made for maths discussions – either pairs or threes. These have more uses than a grown-up can suggest but the real experts with Nello are creative children!

    We are delighted to be stocking some of the ingeniously designed and mind expanding range of Moluk products. They are long lasting, adaptable and encourage children to interact using their imaginations and senses. With no instructions or hard and fast rules to their use, these fantastically open ended products will be used again and again, year after year. With no batteries or switches, they have to be the best value for money a grown-up could ask for!!