A collection of purely natural products in different forms to engage children. Texture, shape, colour and uses can all be discussed, including shells, wood, wool and sisal.


The world is full of naturally ‘feely’ things that children love to experience – we are almost spoilt for choice! This collection should help to inspire an even larger collection that you can build onto. With some products that are natural – such as wood and shells – to some which are more ‘man-made’from the natural materials, showing how we use them. A lot of potential for language.


  • Designed for children aged 3 years but can be used for younger toddlers with supervision (Caution some small parts in bags included).
  • 12” straight sided wicker basket
  • 20 items minimum including multiples in packs (see images)
  • Suitable for one child or a group.
  • Guidance leaflets included


Natural Treasure Basket

  • Treasure baskets are based on firm educational research into early years play. 

  • As the items in a treasure basket have not been designed as toys, children should always be supervised during play.