The wooden mug tree has been put together to encourage the development of fine motor skills in young children. As children grow they are able to organise their mug tree branches based on colour, size and pattern, offering them opportunities to find matching pairs of rings, and explore the idea of sorting.  Some rings have been chosen because they can be stretched to change their shape - from large to small, encouraging early mathmatical language and investigation.


The wooden mug tree has 6 branches and 20 rings. The rings are a set of 10 pairs of different materials, colour and style. Suitable for two year olds this educational resource helps to develop motor skills and also offers opportunity to sort onto different branches by different colours or features.

Mug Tree & Rings

  • As this product has not been designed as a toy, children should always be supervised during play.

  • Our mug tree is based on firm educational research into early years play and supports EYFS.

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