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Textured both on the inside and outside, these 3 balls have so much to discuss. Filled with large balls, small balls or sand and have a surface of pointy, bumpy or soft texture, there is a hidden surprise in each to find…

3 different textures on inside AND outside

Encourages discussion on similarity and difference

Hidden ‘surprise’ for children to find inside each ball

Good fidget toy for sensory, young and special needs children

Mudballs - set of 3

  • Mud Balls! Yes, that’s what they are called! This set of three balls has three unique textures on the inside AND the outside. Each exterior has a bumpy, pointy, or smooth textured surface. Each inside is filled with large beads, small beads or sand. There is a hidden snake in each ball for an added surprise to get those fingers working. Great for describing similarities and differences, they can either be played with as supplied (slightly deflated) or you can pump them up and see how differently they react when they are rolled (especially the sand one). Not easy to find but a wonderful resource for your collection.