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Balls always have been one of the best open-ended play items. But Mox is a ball….with a difference. This simple yet multifunctional little ball can be used to help improve motor skills in young children by encouraging them to grasp items, narrate a story or ‘talk’ to a child by squeezing the sides and making the mouth open. 5cm in diameter and made from food grade silicone, he is safe for all children, from babies up. Easily cleanable and fits nicely into a pocket or handbag to be used as a distraction when children get a little tetchy (here speaks the voice of experience!)

Available individually or in a box of 3

Made from food grade silicone

High quality, not given to splitting

Size 5cm in diameter


Pack Size
  • He is such an expressive little ball on his own but you can put googly eyes in his sockets to make him even funnier. He can even be turned inside out?!

    We are delighted to be stocking some of the ingeniously designed and mind expanding range of Moluk products. They are long lasting, adaptable and encourage children to interact using their imaginations and senses. With no instructions or hard and fast rules to their use, these fantastically open ended products will be used again and again, year after year. With no batteries or switches, they have to be the best value for money a grown-up could ask for!!