Everyone loves a little magic….. and children love glitter…… so this little wand is pure magic for every little person! A 30cm long perspex wand with 2 internal helix that allow two streams of coloured beads, moons and stars to weave around each other in a glycerine substance is mesmerising. As you tip the wand, all of the contents fall in slow motion, sparkling and glittering right to the bottom. Then you tip it up the other way and it starts all over again! Whether you have a child who responds more to sensory products, have a mini Harry Potter or a fairy in training (!), this will give you hours of wide-eyed fun for everyone. Its’ very difficult to show the beauty of these in a photo but we are sure that no child will be disappointed.
Glitter wand keyrings are a mini version of the big wand, with a split ring . Length of wand is 8cm approx so you can now carry the magic with you! Comes with 2 keys attached

Magic Glitter Wand & Keyring