This fun educational resource is known as ‘vegetable ivory’, it’s a beautiful, bright and natural substance. From the Amazon, the Tagua (or ‘ivory palm’) produces a nut which is harvested, left to dry for a couple of days, dyed with natural dyes, cut into pieces, shaped and polished. Every piece is a different shape and size with some already shaped into crescents, circles and crosses, perfect for Heuristic or small world play.


Young children in their early years, will enjoy the tactile rainbow in a bag! They come in a variety of sizes as they are natural items – some being quite small – so please use your discretion when using with younger children. Many have been drilled with a tiny hole for jewellery making and could be used to make your own creations. 


Supervision of younger children is advised when playing with this item. Box containing 250g of coloured tagua – miscellaneous shapes Approx. 85 pieces

Loose Parts - Tagua Pieces

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