This wonderful award winning Pirate Role Play Box has been designed to encourage the use of writing or mark making during imaginative play on a pirate ship or a desert island for children in their early years.


It comes with lots of interesting and fun items to make use of opportunities to write messages (in a bottle, where to look for gold) or numbers (counting gold peices, number of paces to a treasure site), orders (provisions for the ship, more gold) or records (monsters seen on voyage, map for buried treasure). As this collection encourages early writing skills it makes for a perfect addition to a nursery or children's group as an educational resource.


This helps children see that writing is an important and natural part of everyday activities.


There is a supportive guidance card packed with ideas for adults to make the most of opportunities for writing.


Each Box contains:

A selection of pirate gold, telescopes, bottle for messages, treasure map, compass, notebooks, pens/pencils.


Full guidance notes are included. They have suggestions of how to use the contents to encourage writing and number during imaginative activities or role play.



Early Scribbles - Pirate Role Play Box