A popular theme of our Role Play Boxes – or Early Scribbles Set – the award winning Gardener Box has been designed to encourage the use of writing or mark making during outdoor and gardening activities or indoor role play for children in their early years.


It comes with lots of interesting and fun items to make use of opportunities to write messages (directions for gardeners), orders (for plants, compost or flowers) or labels (for plants or garden centre prices) and numbers (prices, plant sizes). As this collection encourages early writing skills it makes for a perfect addition to a nursery or children's group as an educational resource.


This helps children see that writing is an important and natural part of everyday activities.


There is a supportive guidance card packed with ideas for adults to make the most of opportunities for writing.


Each Box contains:

A selection of seeds plant pots, notebooks, pens/pencils, magnifier, identification chart, plant labels and ties.


Full guidance notes are included. They have suggestions of how to use the contents to encourage writing and number during imaginative activities or role play.


Early Scribbles - Gardener Role Play Box