When is a blue duck not a blue duck? When it changes colour in warm water! And not just blue ducks but orange, purple, red and brown ducks too! Each one becomes a duck of a different colour once you put them into warm water, much to the amazement of little people! And if you have a glass of cold water to hand, you can change it back and forward by plopping it in and out of the different temperatures as much as you like! The duck does not mind!

Why just have a straight forward yellow duck when you can have a colour changing duck?!

Discuss the difference between warm and cold when your colour change duck gets put into different temperatures of water. With 3 different colours of duck, the change is obvious enough to any small child. So whether it’s straight forward bathtime, water play or even a topic on hot and cold, this little colour changer will help bring a smile to little faces!

Colour Change Ducks