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We use them in everyday life. Children recognise them from very early on – whether seeing siblings / adults brushing their teeth, using a brush to tidy up mess or to brush their hair. Brushes have so many uses and can be so different in many ways – shape, size, feel (hard or soft) and even what they are made from. They are a wonderful talking point and they bring so many questions with them.

Some items within this collection are small and NOT ADVISABLE FOR SMALLER CHILDREN. Supervision of younger children is advised when playing with this collection.

(Please note: In the event of one item becoming unavailable to us within a collection, it will be substituted with a product of equal value / type so as not to compromise the value of the product.)

Collection of no less than 25 different brushes

‘Foxy Card’ containing advice and ideas on this collection

Collection of Natural Brushes

  • Our collection has been very carefully put together and we’ve searched high and low – some very recognisable brushes and some very ‘different’ ones. You will not find this collection anywhere else. Can the child work out what each one is used for? What is it made from? Can they be put into categories of hard and soft? Big and small?

    All of our mixed collections have been painstakingly put together to make the most exciting and varied selections possible for you. We have done all of the hard work so you don’t have to! Sourcing items that are difficult to find along with those that are guaranteed to encourage language skills and imaginations. You will not find these anywhere else.