Children see themselves as writers if they are given opportunities and encouragement to write, this writing belt makes a wonderful educational resource to encourage writing and mark making both during inside and outdoors play.


Based on the idea of a workman’s tool belt, our award winning Writing Belt makes sure that essentials for writing are always to hand, to encourage a child's use in role play and investigative activities.


The belts are made from tough, washable material and have lots of loops and pockets, belt has a hook and loop (velcro) fastening long enough to go over a coat for outdoor play.


They come with a notepad on a recycled circuit board with notepad pages, a biro on a spiral spring and a dummy mobile phone as standard.


Belt measures 11x 7.5″ (28x20cm). There are loops on the waistband and two sets of pockets – for stuff – the waistband is fastened by velcro and extend to 28″/70cm.


Girls tend to show an interest in early mark making and writing more quickly than boys, so embedding writing activities such as role play often engages boys, especially if they have the tools to hand.

Available in: khaki, desert camouflage, dark green and dotty fabrics.

Child size ‘workmans’ belt with loops and pockets


Full guidance notes are included. They have suggestions of how to use them to encourage writing and number during imaginative activities or role play.




Child's Writing Belt - with Accessories