BIOSERIE is another of our new range of products. 100% safe for baby, 100% green completely chemical free. Have a look at the Bioserie range and be amazed at what is possible by creating toys from PLANTS! Every small child loves stacking so apart from being beautifully made from Bio-Plastics, this has been designed to be more than just a standard stacker. As strong and robust as any of its plastic competitors, but with the bonus of being environmentally friendly.

Stacker made from strong Bioplastic (plants) with 5 stacking levels plus a top

Can be fully dismantled with multiple options on stacking (including the base)

Easy to clean & dishwasher safe

Environmentally friendly

Bioserie Stacker

£15.50 Regular Price
£9.50Sale Price
  • The whole item can be dismantled so that the base can be turned from being a ‘wobbly’ stacker to standing firmly if the base is inverted. Babies benefit from improving their motor skills, choice making as well as learning about balance and colour. A classic item with a twist that you won’t regret investing in. You just won’t believe it started off as a plant! As durable as plastic, baby safe, dishwasher safe, Earth friendly, award winning, inspiring, fun, eyecatching…… we think the list speaks for itself! Nominated for many Bio-Plastics awards and for their innovations, they have been certified worldwide for their health, safety and sustainability claims.

    Bioserie proves that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of a child’s products by choosing to be environmentally aware in your purchases.