We make up bespoke baskets for special occassions and individual children. They make wonderful presents, or can be developed for special purposes such as for training and courses, home visits or special support.


In the past we have made: 


  • Bathtime bags as a focus for language development
  • Baskets for partially sighted children
  • Black and white themed baskets for very young children
  • Starter collections for students in training
  • Home visit collections
  • Collections of 'pairs' & 'threes'


The collection can vary to suit the age and stage of the child, so if you want something diferent or special please let us know.


Gift Baskets


Our baskets are ideal as gifts for all sorts of occasions:

  • Christmas
  • First Birthday
  • Christenings
  • Maternity gift baskets or baby shower gifts.


To discuss a bespoke treasure basket or collection, please contact us directly.


Bespoke Treasure Baskets and Collections

  • Treasure baskets are based on firm educational research into early years play and supports EYFS.

  • As the items in a treasure basket have not been designed as toys, children should always be supervised during play.

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