This treasure basket offers a collection of good quality shells, chosen for the range of shape and pattern. Containing a variety of natural shells of different sizes, some shells are snail shapes, others conical, round or spiral, some are smooth and others rough.


As an educational resource, this collection can provide links to the seaside, holidays and sand play. Inspiring young children to recognise pattern and colour in nature, from which they can reproduce creative works of art themselves.These shells are strong enough to be handled by the children, encouraging descriptive words and sensory experiences. 


This treasure basket contains 20+ shells of various shapes and colours, along with a 'Foxy Card' which suggests educational guidance for extended play.


A Collection of Shells

  • Treasure baskets are based on firm educational research into early years.

  • As the items in a treasure basket have not been designed as toys, children should always be supervised during play.

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