This early maths collection of keys has been out together to offer a variety of pairs. Children will enjoy exploring the keys looking for matching pairs or sorting the keys on colour or style. This early maths collection encourages the development of mathmatical language and early mathmatical ideas in young children during their early years, and makes for a wonderful addition as an educational resource.


  •  A maths collection of 20 pairs of different keys suitable for pairing up. 
  • 20 pairs of keys to encourage discussion in young children, for pairing and counting. 
  • Suggested age: 3+ years
  • General guidance leaflet and ‘Foxy Card’ enclosed

A Collection of Keys put together in Pairs

  • As this item has not been designed as s toy, children should always be supervised during play.

  • Our key collection is based on firm educational research into early years play and supports EYFS.

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