Rain, Sun or Snow let’s get Curious in Early Years Education

The Curious Fox Company has over twelve years of experience in putting together treasure baskets and collections that encourage children in their Early Years to explore, discover and learn through play. Whether your children are inside or outside, in the sun, rain, or snow, we have a collection to suit your needs.

Our collections go beyond just putting stuff together, they are carefully created using our many years of experience in the education sector. This provides us with the perfect foundation for putting together items that offer opportunities for children’s language and maths development while stimulating an interest in the world around them.


Our spoon collection has been thoughtfully put together and the result is a varied and intriguing selection. We have small wooden spoons, beautifully crafted and perfect for small worlds, large spoons that contain a big hole to look through! There’s a spoon that acts like a sieve, an attractive set of measuring spoons, (some wooden some metal); others that will be used for Chinese soup, honey and even wooden flour scoops! We ensure there is a variety as we know this encourages discussion leading to language development: which spoon would be best for stirring the porridge? Can you find another spoon the same size? Why does this spoon need a long handle? Which ones will scoop up water and which ones will let the water drain out but keep the peas?

A Natural Treasure Basket

Carefully placed within a 12” straight sided willow basket is a collection, all made from natural materials. We believe a natural treasure basket should be full of colour, texture and shape and you’ll certainly find all three in this basket. However this basket goes further as all items can be grouped together for further learning opportunities. For example you will find sheep fleece, undyed wool, and some brightly coloured woollen bootees, providing you with opportunity to explain how wool looks on the sheep, off the sheep and then what we can make with it. The basket contains a whole lime and orange, but it also provides you dried slices allowing the children to explore the inside of the fruit while making the connection between whole fruit and sliced fruit. There are shiny shells and dull shells, smooth shells and rough shells, a variety of sized seed pods and much more, making it a very tactile collection of some interesting natural materials.

Light and Sparkle Collection

Children are attracted to anything that sparkles, providing a wonderful opportunity to discuss colour, shape and texture. Children can wrap themselves in the silver blanket, play peek-a-boo with the brightly coloured scarf, look for the rainbow in the spinner and explore the smooth shiny shells. This basket is great to take outside, you can use the coloured paddles and viewers to explore the outside environment, and its sunshine or reflections. There are many sparkling discoveries to be made with this attractive collection


We offer a number of resources to support children in their learning and development whatever the weather, for more information please visit: curiousfoxcompany, or feel free to contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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