Green for go in March!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Green has to be the colour of the month.

It is always a wonderful colour for small children - soothing and special - associated with the colours of nature’s trees, leaves and grass. It is linked with the coming of spring when the cold and gloom of winter gives way to the green shoots and signs that the better warmer weather is on the way. It is the ‘go’ colour of traffic lights and, at the moment, it has to be the colour of our progress towards the future. We are all easing away from the restrictions of the last year (not all bad for everyone) and ‘green for go’ has to be the colour of the signpost.

Until now our youngest children have not had sufficient experience of living to recognise the patterns of the seasons. However, they are now starting to be aware of them and it is important for us as parents and educators to help them see these green shoots, to point out how we know that spring is coming. What seems dead is really dormant or sleeping, and the green shoots and buds are starting to grow again. Many of us have understood more clearly during this last year just how important those green spaces help and balance our moods. We need to pass that on to the children for they need to feel it too, they need to feel excited at the signs of green.

There is plenty of research to show how colour affects our moods and how green, in particular, helps relieve stress and promotes a sense of healing. At a time when many little ones are bothered, anxious or distressed, even though they often don’t know why, green – in any form - helps calm and soothe them. We are more conscious of the value of planting our own seeds and watching them turn green as they grow, having some green plants in part of the home, on the balcony or in a quiet corner of the nursery. Even the humble carrot top in a saucer of water gives pleasure as its green fronds start to grow.

Inside or out, at home or at school the colour green can be a focus or starting point. It can be sign or a marker; it can be a vibrant zing or a soothing ambience; it can be the vegetables and salad you eat or the symbol of a better Planet we want to live on. Any way you look at it … green is definitely my colour this month.

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